Victim Information Program (V.I.P.)

V.I.P. is a 24 hour automated information system used by the Georgia Department of Corrections in partnership with the State Board of Pardons and Paroles to provide victims of crime and/or their families with access to information about their offender. By simply picking up a telephone and dialing the toll-free V.I.P. number, information regarding custody and status of an inmate can be obtained.

V.I.P. also operates as a notification system. Through computer generated telephone calls, individuals who have registered with the Office of Victim Services will automatically receive notification of the release of their offender from custody.

The Corrections and Parole Board's V.I.P. number is 1-800-593-9474.

How to Use V.I.P.

Using the inmate's six digit case/EF number or GDC ID number and following the prompts given, Crime Victims may call the V.I.P. Hotline to receive updates concerning the following inmate information:

  • Current incarceration location

  • Parole Status/Eligibility

  • Maximum or scheduled release date

  • The system will indicate if the offender is not in custody

How to Register with V.I.P.

Victims or family members of the victim of a crime can register for notification by returning a completed Crime Victim Notification Request Form and/or a Victim Impact Statement to the Office of Victim Services. Upon receiving a completed form, the Office of Victim Services will register the notification into the system. A letter is then mailed confirming the request has been received and recorded. Along with the confirmation letter, the registrant will also be issued a four-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number) that will be used to acknowledge that notification of a release has been successfully completed.

Notification Calls 

Registered victims will automatically begin receiving computer generated notification calls when any of the following occurs:

  • The inmate is released from prison after completing the court-ordered term of incarceration

  • Release from prison after completing the confinement portion of the sentence to begin a court-ordered probation period

  • Upon being granted a parole release

Notification calls will be placed to the telephone number provided at the time of registration. The calls will continue over a period of 24 hour or until the assigned pin code (confirming the notification process) has been entered.