About Reentry Services

From Community Based Services to the current Reentry Services, the Parole Board works to keep offender needs at the forefront of the public’s attention, understanding that public safety is enhanced through successful parole completions. The Board is dedicated to establishing a united effort on the part of all partners to make this a successful venture and we have joined in with other partner agencies to collaborate and combine necessary resources for successful offender reentry. 

Successful reentry begins with the offender.  As barriers are reduced within the home and the community that account for many prison returns, public safety is enhanced and avenues are opened for the offender to reform. 

The Parole Board calls on your organization to consider joining us as a reentry partner.

Reentry Stats

Research shows that 1 in every 33 American adults is under correctional control. In the state of Georgia that number is 1 in every 13. Georgia has the ninth largest total population and the fourth largest inmate population in the nation. The recidivism rate is currently around 27% in Georgia, well below that of the nation.