Parole Conditions

An inmate granted a release by the Board must abide by several conditions. Violation of any condition may result in arrest and parole revocation. Standard conditions which apply to all parolees include following all instructions from the community supervision officer, gainfully working, abiding by all laws, remaining in Georgia, receiving permission to change addresses, paying any court-ordered child support, paying a supervision fee or victim compensation fee and, if applicable, paying restitution. Parolees may not possess or own or use a gun or other deadly weapon.

Standard Parole Conditions:

1.  Intervention Plan / Instructions: I will participate in the development of and comply with a rehabilitation plan designed by my community supervision officer. This plan will require me to work, to be drug tested, and may require me to attend and to pay a reasonable fee for counseling or classes. I will truthfully answer all questions and follow all written and verbal instructions from my community supervision officer or any other community supervision officer or any employee of the Department of Community Supervision or the State Board of Pardons and Paroles. 

2.  Law / Immediate Notification / Search: I will not violate the law of any governmental unit. I will immediately notify my community supervision officer if I am arrested for any offense including a traffic offense. My community supervision officer or any other community supervision officer may, at any time, conduct a warrantless search of my person, papers, and place of residence, automobile, or any other property under my control.

3.  Weapon: I will not receive, possess, transport, have under my control, attempt to purchase, or obtain transfer of any firearm, ammunition, explosives or other deadly weapons. 

4.  Leaving State and Absconding: I will not leave my state of residence, even briefly, or change my residence without first getting permission from my community supervision officer. I will not abscond from parole supervision. 

5.  Child Support, Restitution, and Fees: I will support all my children as required by Georgia law, make payments on any restitution, pay a monthly parole supervision fee as established by Parole Board rule, and pay a reasonable fee for electronic monitoring.

6.  Education: If I do not have a high school diploma or its equivalent and am unable to maintain reliable, regular employment, I will attend school to pursue a general education diploma (GED), a high school diploma, or a trade at a vocational / technical school.

7. Terms of Probation: If serving a split sentence, I will abide by all terms of probation imposed by the sentencing court(s).

In addition, the Board may impose special conditions appropriate to the individual's case, such as drug or alcohol treatment, mental health counseling, prohibitions on travel or associations, bans on driving, or compliance with electronic monitoring procedures.

Failure to comply with standard and special conditions of supervision is immediately addressed with a variety of intermediate sanctions appropriate to the level of violation. These evidence based sanctions range from a verbal reprimand or warning to revocation of parole.

As of July 1, 2015, offenders on parole in Georgia are supervised by the Department of Community Supervision.