Restitution is court ordered monetary compensation for crime victims. A legitimate order for restitution is applied during the sentencing of an offender and the amount and manner of payment is determined by the courts. Once an offender is under community supervision, supervision officers facilitate and monitor offender restitution payment compliance.

The Crime Victims Restitution Act of 2005 mandates that any offender sentenced on or after July 1, 2005, with a court order specifying restitution to the victim(s), is required to make restitution payments while under supervision.

Under Parole Board policy, the following applies to the collection of restitution payments;

  • upon release by the Board for a period of ninety (90) days or more, each releasee shall be required to begin payment of restitution,
  • fee payments will be received and accounted for by the Georgia Department of Corrections Consolidated Banking unit unless specified by the court/county of conviction,
  • restitution payments will be submitted to the Georgia Department of Corrections, the same as other fees, and subsequently distributed to the victim(s). Parolees are required to pay a minimum of $30.00 per month.