Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens to an offender after he or she is sentenced?

    Once the offender has been sentenced to the Department of Corrections, the male offender is sent to the reception/intake center at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison and female offenders are sent to reception/intake at the Arrendale State Prison.  He or she is assigned an offender identification number (OID), fingerprinted, photographed and given medical and dental examinations. 

    During the initial evaluation, staff determine and assign a security level for each offender. The security level determination is a systematic process based upon factors such as the offender’s characteristics, history and needs, criminal history, outstanding detainers and warrants, age, education and recent employment history.  Background factors, such as previous terms of incarceration, prior escapes and past disciplinary problems, also effect the security assignment. As a result of the security level assessment, the offender is placed in the appropriate custody level, with appropriate supervision requirements and programming recommendations.

    This process results in the assignment of the offender to a correctional institution. The offender’s security placement can change during his or her incarceration because of the length of time served, disciplinary behavior, programming and treatment progress and time of release.

  • My offender was transferred from one prison to another and I was not notified. Does this mean the system failed?

    No, the system has not failed.  Currently we notify registered victims when an offender is released from the custody of the Department of Corrections, but movement from one DOC institution to another does not trigger a notification call.

  • What do I do if I am receiving unwanted calls or correspondence from an offender?

    Call the Georgia Office of Victim Services at 1-800-593-9474 or 404-651-6668.  Staff will gather information and work with facility staff to investigate and take action against the offender.

  • Can I be notified when an offender is released from prison?

    Yes, if registered with V.I.P. you will receive written notification regarding an offender’s upcoming release. You may also receive an automated telephone call through V.I.P. when an offender is released. To register for this service, please contact the Georgia Office of Victim Services at the address, telephone number, fax, or e-mail address provided below, or use the online form.

    Georgia Office of Victim Services

    #2 Martin Luther King Jr., Drive S.E., Suite 458 East Tower

    Atlanta, GA 30334

    Phone: 404-651-6668

    Toll Free Number (800) 593-9474

    FAX: 404-465-3567

    [email protected]

  • How do I obtain a Protective Order or No Contact Order?

    Please contact the local law enforcement in the county in which the offender is residing. Each county handles the request for protective orders/no contact orders differently.

  • How much notice will I get before the inmate is released?

    Statute O.C.G.A, 42-9-47, places responsibility on the Georgia Office of Victim Services to notify within 72 hours of a final decision to parole. 

  • I have forgotten my PIN number. How do I get notification calls to stop?

    Contact the OVS staff at 1-800-593-9474, or 404-651-6668 and a staff person will give you your PIN number.

  • Where can I find information about where an offender is residing after he has been paroled?

    Visit the Parole Board's website at and click on the Parolee Database found under Parole Supervision on the homepage. You may search by the offender’s zip code, inmate number or name.

  • How can I protest an offender’s release and what do I say in my protest letter?

    All protest information is confidential. The requestor must submit their protest in writing and should explain in detail the reason(s) for the protest. This can include details of the offense, the impact of the offense and any fears or concerns. You may submit a written protest letter to the address, FAX or email below:

    Georgia Office of Victim Services

    #2 Martin Luther King Jr., Drive S.E., Suite 458 East Tower

    Atlanta, GA 30334

    FAX: 404-465-3567

    [email protected]

  • Can I meet with the Board of Pardons and Paroles?

    You may meet with a Board Member and/or representative on a scheduled Victims Visitors’ Day and annually at our Victims’ Rights Week Ceremony. 

    You may make arrangements to meet with a staff member with the Georgia Office of Victim Services by calling the office at 1-800-593-9474 or 404-651-6668.

  • Does the Parole Board order restitution?

    The Parole Board has the authority to order restitution, however the Parole Board will typically enforce the restitution the judge has already ordered.