State and Federal Benefits


SSA administers the Social Security Insurance (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI program. Through a pre-release agreement with the SSA, GDC can apply for SSI and/or SSDI benefits for offenders up to a year before release from prison. If you are working with an offender who you believe will qualify for benefits, or who previously received benefits, please make sure that the application process is started prior to his or her release from prison, preferably 6-9 months before release. The application should be coordinated through the SSA office in closest proximity to the prison/correctional facility. To locate a Social Security Administration (SSA) office close to where a probationer/parolee is currently living, click here:


Most people who qualify for SSI or SSDI automatically qualify for Medicaid or Medicare so it is not necessary to separately apply for these programs. Ensure that the SSA application is done and these services should result if the SSA application is approved. For information on Medicaid eligibility and the application process, click on the following link


Click on the link below for information on filing for benefits.

Click on the link below to connect to the National Archives for veterans and their families, a useful site for getting military personnel records, benefits and claims histories, and other military service information and forms.