ATLANTA – The State Board of Pardons and Paroles has denied parole for Colvin Hinton, convicted in DeKalb County of the 1994 murder of Shannon Melendi.

The Parole Board previously denied parole for Hinton in 2012, his first parole consideration. Under Georgia law, according to his sentence, Hinton became eligible for parole after serving seven (7) years following the 2005 murder conviction.

Parole eligible inmates serving life sentences in Georgia that are denied parole must be reconsidered periodically by law. Following the decision to deny parole, the Board set Hinton’s next parole consideration for February 2025.

The Board’s adopted rule establishes the range of setting parole reconsideration dates of one to eight (1-8) years in the future following a decision to deny parole involving a life-sentenced offender who is parole eligible by statute.

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