ALTO – The State Board of Pardons and Paroles surprised two state inmates at Lee Arrendale State Prison on Monday, January 28, 2019, by delivering their parole certificates in person. Board Members James Mills and David Herring presented the certificates to the inmates.

“When we have an opportunity, we want the inmate population to witness the success of those inmates who have shown through their actions that they’re ready to be paroled,” stated Board Member James Mills.

The two inmates had completed necessary programming. Successful program completions and the elimination of conduct issues are two of the areas board members consider when determining who will be paroled.

 “We believe it can be an effective message and our hope is that the inmate population is taking notice and understands that success while incarcerated can lead to a parole release,” stated Board Member David Herring.

Jessica Davis and Arnisia Williams were the inmates notified of their parole. Davis was serving a three year sentence from Walton County for fleeing authorities and obstruction. Williams was sentenced to five years for theft by shoplifting in DeKalb County.

The Board Members attended a graduation ceremony at which eleven inmates received associate degrees through Marietta-based Life University. Davis and Williams were among a group of inmates attending and watching the graduation ceremony.

Parole Board Members are full-time employees of the State Board of Pardons and Paroles. The Board consists of five members who are constitutional officers of the state with the responsibility of deciding which parole eligible inmates will be released on parole after serving an appropriate portion of their prison sentence. The Parole Board is authorized to grant paroles, pardons, commutations and reprieves and is the only entity in the state with the constitutional authority to commute a death sentence. 

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