Atlanta, GA – Sex offenders under parole supervision in Georgia will be subjected to curfews or attending programming this Halloween. Parole officers will team with local law enforcement in making residence checks to ensure sex offenders are not participating in Halloween activities.

“Sex offenders in the community will again be prohibited from decorating for Halloween, having outside lights turned on or answering the door (except for law enforcement) and giving out treats,” says Parole’s Field Operations Director David Morrison. There are 1,148 sex offenders under parole supervision in Georgia.

Morrison says the Parole Board’s efforts are about public safety.

“As a paroling authority, and as parole officers, it’s our job to ensure offenders in the community are in compliance and we want everyone to know we’re providing this measure of public safety during Halloween, so that they (the public) do feel safe and have no concerns as they enjoy Halloween activities,” said Morrison.

Dusk to dawn curfews will be in place for sex offenders on parole and compliance sweeps where officers visit the homes of sex offenders will be conducted throughout the evening hours in most areas of the state. Residence searches will be conducted.

In some areas of the state, sex offenders will be directed to report to a facility or location and remain there during “trick or treating” hours. Parole officers will attend some community group activities that are planned, conducting surveillance and ensuring sex offenders are not in attendance.

Families can also check the Georgia sex offender registry to determine where registered sex offenders live.

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