October 19, 2023

University of North Georgia's Career Fair/Day

The Parole Board participated in the University of North Georgia's Career Day as part of our mission to engage communities across Georgia. The University of North Georgia hosted a law enforcement career day that welcomed agencies and organizations from across Georgia. Parole Board Vice Chair David Herring, along with staff from our Clemency and Field Services divisions and the Georgia Office of Victim Services, attended the event. They provided students with information about the Parole Board and explained how our agency operates on a day-to-day basis.

"This was a special event and a tremendous turnout by our fellow state agencies, law enforcement, and organizations seeking talented applicants. The Parole Board looks forward to many other engagement and recruitment opportunities," says Herring. Students were also informed about a new internship opportunity where they will have the chance to work in all units and divisions of the Parole Board.


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