June 23, 2023

Foothills Education Charter High School Graduation Ceremony

Offenders at Lee Arrendale State Prison graduated high school as part of the Foothills Education Charter High School. Executive Director of Parole Chris Barnett attended on behalf of the Georgia Parole Board. Barnett addressed the graduates and other offenders attending and told them to "break away" from old habits and leave behind individuals they associated with who might return them to their pre-prison lifestyle. He told the graduates that they were no longer the same individuals who entered the judicial system. "The parole board encourages the offender population to excel and become 'parole ready.' These graduates are making a statement that they can work and succeed in life. The board members will definitely view this type of achievement in a positive way," stated Barnett. After the ceremony, Director Barnett met with several of the offenders to answer parole status questions.


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