June 21, 2023

Georgia Parole Board Member Tim Ward Honored at SSCA

Georgia Parole Board Member Timothy Ward received the P.C. Shields Award from the Southern States Correctional Association (SSCA) in Norfolk, Virginia. Ward, a longtime member of SSCA, received the award for his continuing support of the organization throughout his career in corrections. Ward attended SSCA's 2023 Training Conference. "SSCA is such a great organization for training and support of correctional professionals. I give a great deal of credit to SSCA over the years for my professional development. I am truly humbled and appreciative of the award," said Ward. The SSCA Award Nomination spoke specifically to Ward's continued support of SSCA during the pandemic. Ward is a career Georgia correctional official who was promoted from a correctional officer to eventually Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Corrections. He was appointed to the Georgia Parole Board in January of 2023. P.C. Shields was a member and past president of the Southern States Correctional Association. A Virginia probation and parole professional, Shields served on the Virginia Parole Board and as its chairman. He passed away in 2016.


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