Parole Board Training to Georgia Police of District 10

The Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles leadership provided training to Georgia police at the District 10 meeting of the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police. Executive Director of Parole Chris Barnett and leaders in Clemency, Field Services, and Victim Services presented the process by which the Parole Board enhances public safety.

"We want to thank GACP and the GACP Executive Board as well as Tyrone Police Chief Mundy for allowing our agency to provide training and engage our law enforcement partners. These officers are on the front lines of public safety. By engaging them and educating these police chiefs and officers regarding the Parole Board, we can ensure that our lines of communication remain open and that the Board Members receive all available information regarding parole-eligible offenders," said Barnett.

Senior Hearing Examiner Jacques Brown spoke about the clemency process. Deputy Clemency Director Kim Patton-Johnson spoke about the pardon process, Senior Criminal Investigator Jenna James talked about parole compliance, and Deputy Director of the Georgia Office of Victim Services, Keir Chapple gave insight as to how victims are kept informed post-conviction. Paroles' Field Services Director Felecia Holloway also attended.


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