April 20, 2023

APAI 2023 Annual Training Conference in Kansas City, Missouri

The APAI's (Association of Paroling Authorities International) 2023 Annual Training Conference was in Kansas City, Missouri. Georgia Parole Board Vice Chair Jacqueline Bunn and staff including Executive Director Chris Barnett took part in training sessions.

Georgia Parole also presented our new electronic pardon process. “Once again the APAI conference did not disappoint. Our Clemency Division’s training session was well attended. Participants were actively engaged and excited to hear about Georgia’s new electronic pardon process. This process will greatly enhance efficiency. The other national and international presenters were stellar. It was time well spent,” said Vice Chair Bunn.

The APAI represents national and international paroling authorities. Executive Director Barnett says Georgia's Parole Board continues to showcase innovations that other agencies are interested in replicating. "Our pardon process presentation highlighted the advancements we've made over the past several years including moving to an electronic format which is far more efficient and effective. The result is pardons for deserving offenders who in turn can continue to be productive citizens," Barnett stated.

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