April 19, 2023

Colwell Probation Detention Center RESCUED Program Ceremony

Parole Board Member David Herring was the commencement speaker at the Colwell Probation Detention Center (PDC) RESCUED program ceremony. Six detainees graduated from the program including two parolees. The detainees are training rescued dogs that were to be euthanized. The graduating detainees receive skills in dog grooming and general animal care and a certificate in Reentry Skills Building.

Two parolees graduating from the program received the surprising news that the Parole Board had just approved them to return to parole following their graduation today.

"This is truly a transformational program. You can see and hear the commitment of these offenders to take what they've learned and continue to keep moving forward. They have accepted the responsibility of completing this program by training and caring for these dogs that had no future but now are available for adoption. These offenders have shown the ability to make the change in their behaviors and attitudes necessary to be successful," stated Herring.

Executive Director of the Parole Board Chris Barnett attended the ceremony. "The Department of Corrections is an important criminal justice partner of ours at the Parole Board. The Colwell Probation Detention Center continues to be a proven method of getting offenders back on track and providing them with additional skills necessary for life after prison. The Board appreciates the opportunity to include parolees in the program," said Barnett.

The program is a partnership between the Georgia Department of Corrections’ Colwell PDC, Castoff Pet Rescue, and Nottely Oaks Animal Hospital’s Safe Pet Project.


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