Vice Chair Jacqueline Bunn Presentation to the Rotary Club of Rockdale County

The State Board of Pardons and Paroles continues engaging stakeholders as Vice Chair Jacqueline Bunn spoke to the Rotary Club of Rockdale County.

“It was an honor to share insights about Georgia’s clemency process with such an enthusiastic group of Rotarians. Members asked meaningful questions. The Rotary Club of Rockdale County focuses on building professional and personal relationships. Members have a heart for service. It was wonderful to learn that the club's president recently received national recognition for his efforts. Meeting with the group was an inspiring start to 2023," Bunn said.

Executive Director of the Parole Board, Chris Barnett, and Clemency Director Crystal Moon also attended. "It's necessary to engage stakeholders, educate our communities and encourage their active participation in the parole process. By doing so, we're enhancing operations and making our communities the best possible place to work and raise a family," stated Barnett.


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