Clayton County Prison Tour

The State Board of Pardons and Paroles toured the Clayton County Prison. The prison is operated by Clayton County and houses state inmates. Executive Director of the Parole Board Chris Barnett, Clemency Director Crystal Moon, and Field Services Director Felecia Holloway was among the parole staff visiting the facility. "Warden Nelson and Clayton County are not only parole stakeholders, but they are our partners in public safety," stated Barnett. Warden Dennis Nelson and Deputy Wardens Sandra Abrams and Ray Amey conducted the tour. James Payne, County Prison Coordinator for the Georgia Department of Corrections also attended. "The county facilities operated under the GDC umbrella are all excellent operations, especially the Clayton County Prison, " Barnett said. "Any opportunity the Parole Board has to engage our stakeholders and partners is beneficial to our mission of public safety," added Barnett.


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