Other (Non-THOR) Housing

GA DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY AFFAIRS (DCA) - SPECIAL NEEDS HOUSING Click below for DCA-funded programs for the homeless and special needs individuals. http://www.dca.state.ga.us/housing/SpecialNeeds/index.asp

HOUSING OPPORTUNITIES FOR PERSONS LIVING WITH HIV/AIDS (HOPWA) PROGRAMS: http://www.dca.state.ga.us/housing/specialneeds/programs/hopwa.asp

Click above for a list of housing programs statewide for persons living with HIV/AIDS. For help with housing programs in the metro-Atlanta area, contact the Living Room at (404) 616-6332.


Click below to search for personal care and long-term care homes that may accommodate persons with developmental disability, mental health and/or substance abuse problems. The Office of Regulatory Services (ORS) ensures that a variety of health care and long term care providers operate according to acceptable standards. They also offer consumers services, information and resources to help you learn how to best choose a provider facility, program or service. http://www.ors.dhr.state.ga.us/

GEORGIA HOUSING SEARCH: http://www.georgiahousingsearch.org/

Click above to locate affordable rental housing across the state of GA.

LOW-COST, NO COST HOUSING GUIDE (Metro-Atlanta ONLY) Click below for information on subsidized, non-subsidized affordable, special needs, transitional, and shelter housing in the metropolitan Atlanta area. http://www.chrcatlanta.org/lowcostnocost.html

RE-ENTRY PARTNERSHIP HOUSING (RPH) RPH subsidizes housing for felons who remain in prison due solely to having no residential options. Re-entry housing partners provide stable housing and food (room and board) for the first 2-3 months after release from prison while the inmate finds employment. Contact Erin Anderson with the Department of Community Supervision at (770) 639-8517 for more information about getting an offender qualified for this program. Click here to access information about becoming a Re-entry Housing Partner: https://sites.google.com/a/dcs.ga.gov/housing/y

or http://www.dca.state.ga.us/housing/specialneeds/programs/rph.asp