Message from the Chairman

As Chairman, I reflect daily on this opportunity to serve the citizens of Georgia. I want to thank the Board for allowing me to serve as Vice Chairman for the last three years and now entrusting me with the position of Chairman.
Our mission embodies our role in the criminal justice system as we ensure public safety through informed decision-making, protecting victims’ rights, while providing the offender with opportunities for positive change.
Clemency, in its various forms, is a very important part of the criminal justice process. State law requires that parole eligible offenders be considered for release. Those who demonstrate positive behavior patterns and make changes may be deserving of an opportunity to be restored through parole.
The offender is only one part of the equation. I strongly believe working to restore both the victim and offender is important. It’s a balancing act between the two. Striking that balance of compassionate mercy for the victims while seeking justice and appropriate mercy for the offender is truly a challenge.
By personally meeting with victims of crime, we understand their loss, their concerns, the impact of the crime, and we are able to help the victim understand the parole process. We want victims to become crime survivors and we will always have our door open for them.
Georgia's greatest asset is people and we must never allow any person to become merely a number.
As Chairman, it is a great honor to serve, and that service carries great responsibility to help us continue to move forward. Leadership demands never becoming content with where we are; we can always improve and always learn better ways to do things than we have in the past.