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Sex Offender Supervision

If granted parole, offenders that have been identified by the Parole Board as a sex offender are issued specific, intensive parole conditions. This is in addition to the standard parole conditions, and include:

○  Electronic Monitoring supervision, usually throughout their parole period, at their own expense;

○  Must attend sex offender counseling at their own expense;

○  Must submit to polygraph examinations at a minimum of every six months, more often if inappropriate activities are suspected, at their own expense;

○  Must comply with all Georgia laws regarding registration with the local sheriff and registration fees, including registering within 72 hours of release on parole; 

○  Must abide with any applicable Georgia law prohibiting residence within 1,000 feet of areas where children may congregate.

Sex offenders are the most closely supervised of all types of releasees.  These cases are supervised by experienced and specially trained parole officers.

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