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Parole Board Selects DeKalb County Native as Clemency Director

February 15, 2011;

Atlanta, Ga - The State Board of Pardons and Paroles has selected Melodee Stewart as the agency’s new Director of Clemency and Parole Selection. Stewart’s appointment is effective February 16, 2011. 

Stewart is being promoted from the position of Central Region Director. Since January 2005, she has had the responsibility of supervising eight Chief Parole Officers in a 27 county area with oversight of these offices and approximately 90 parole officers and support staff. During her career she has served in many important capacities including, Chief Parole Officer, Assistant Chief Parole Officer, Metro Region Area Supervisor, Assistant Director of Field Operations and as DeKalb Parole Center Administrator. Stewart began her career with parole as a parole officer in 1985, after working with state probation. 

Director of Parole Michael Nail says Stewart is ready for this challenge. “I know Melodee’s accomplishments and she is what we need leading and directing the Clemency Division at this time. This is a critically important function of our agency and we face many challenges as we work to assist the Department of Corrections with population management while maintaining our core mission of public safety. Melodee has established herself as a great leader. She knows criminal justice and will be a great asset in this regard.”

The Clemency Division of the Parole Board is responsible for the parole process which begins with the offender’s case being thoroughly investigated, ultimately resulting in the offender’s file being reviewed by the Board Members who determine whether to grant parole.

Melodee Stewart and her husband, Tim, currently reside in Loganville, Georgia.

For more information regarding the parole process please visit: www.pap.state.ga.us