Board Meeting Agenda

September 4, 2019

Location:     Parole Board Hearing Room                Time:    10:00 A.M.

                  2 M. L. King, Jr. Drive

                  5th Floor, East Tower

                  Atlanta, Georgia 30334

I.      Call to Order

II.     Welcome/Remarks - Chairman Barnard

III.    Approval of Agenda

IV.    Adoption of Minutes from June 25, 2019, Board Meeting

V.     Old Business


VI.   New Business

          A.     Proposed Changes to Board Policies - Christopher Kimner, Director of   

                  Internal Affairs and Training

          B.     Director’s Report - Christopher Barnett, Executive Director of Parole


VII.    Public Comment - (Note: Only comments regarding matters presented to the Board 

         during this meeting are allowed at this time.  Comments on a specific offender can be 

         made by contacting our call center at 404.656.4661.)

VIII.    Adjournment