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The Agenda for the March 7, 2017, Monthly Board Meeting is Published

March 6, 2017
Board Meeting Agenda
March 7, 2017
Location:         Parole Board Hearing Room                                      Time:   10:00 A.M
                     2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive
                     5th Floor, East Tower
                     Atlanta, Georgia 30334
I.          Call to Order
II.         Welcome/Remarks – Chairman Barnard
III.        Approval of Agenda
IV.        Adoption of Minutes from November 8, 2016, Board Meeting
V.         Adoption of Minutes from Specially Called Meeting for Steven Frederick Spears, EF 627284,
            held on November 15, 2016
VI.        Adoption of Minutes from Specially Called Meeting for William Sallie, EF 277531, held
            on December 5, 2016
VII.       Old Business
VIII.      New Business
                       A.    Proposed Amendments to Board Rule 475-3-.05 Parole Consideration –
                              La’Quandra Smith, Esq., Director of Legal Services
                       B.    Proposed Changes to Board Policies –  
                              Christopher Kimner, Director of Investigations and Compliance
IX.        Public Comment—(Note: Only comments regarding matters presented to the
            Board during this meeting are allowed at this time. Comments on a specific offender
            can be made by contacting our call center at 404.656.4661.) 
X.         Adjournment