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Victim Services

The State Board of Pardons and Paroles has been long recognized for its leadership role in the advocacy of victims' rights. The Parole Board continues to give the highest priority and greatest compassion to those citizens who are most affected by crime, the innocent victims and their survivors. In 2005, the Parole Board and Department of Corrections combined their offices of victim services to form the Corrections and Parole Board Office of Victim Services. This afforded both agencies the opportunity to accommodate victims, and provide victims with the highest possible level of customer service.
Parole wants input from victims
As the State’s executive clemency agency, the Parole Board believes it can carry out its functions effectively only by gathering comprehensive information on offenders, including the impact of their actions on victims and the community. The Board’s Office of Victim Services works with victims or their families to answer their questions about parole, to ensure their views and concerns reach Board Members prior to the parole decision, and to keep them notified of activity on their case. Most importantly, the staff in the Office of Victim Services, continually strive to make victims feel welcomed in the parole process.
Victim Information Program - V.I.P. 
V.I.P., is a 24-hour automated information system used by the Georgia Department of Corrections in partnership with the State Board of Pardons and Paroles to provide victims of crime and/or their families with access to information about their offender. By simply picking up a telephone and dialing the toll-free V.I.P., number, information regarding custody status of an inmate can be obtained. Read More...
V.I.P., also operates as a notification system. Through computer generated telephone calls, individuals who have registered with the Office of Victim Services will automatically receive notification of the release of their offender from custody. 
Victims Visitors' Day 
“Victim Visitors’ Days” are conducted across Georgia by the Office of Victim Services. Crime victims and their families in attendance will receive information concerning the current status of their offender, and can register to receive future notification of the status of their offender. Since 2006, over 1,900 victims and/or their families have been able to voice their concerns in reference to their offender, in these face-to-face meetings with staff from the Parole Board. The Board is committed to allowing victims to be heard, and will continue to hold this productive and fulfilling event throughout the state.
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